Saturday, April 28, 2012


04/27/2012 I feel like I should start my blog about my adventures with “Star Date April 27th Travel Log” but I won’t. Anyway I digress or should I say my mind has gone a wondering. Today we left Shillington and headed for Pittsburgh. The trip though wrought with traffic was basically uneventful. We stopped at the Flight 93 Memorial and I have to say it was very somber but also very disappointing. There was a white marble wall with the victim’s / hero’s names and a nice walkway but you would think that after 11 years it would be a little bit more complete. The gravesite (yes it is a gravesite because they did not recover the bodies but instead backfilled over them do to their condition) is fenced in and you really cannot see anything but I understand the concept.
We then headed to the Phipps Conservatory which is beautiful. There are many paths with different plants and there are also many activities for children. There is also blown glass incorporated within the displays. I think my favorite display was the wine cabinet that is a fountain.
We finished there and we were off to the Duquesne Incline. This counter balance almost trolley like transportation is an incredible piece of history. While riding I could not fathom the amount of history and the changes the cars have seen. I had an “if only they could talk” moment. The views from the summit were amazing and they caused Dennis and I to have a bit of a fun argument which caused us to have a bit of a spontaneous moment and we ended up at our next stop.
The Carnegie Science Center was amazing. They have five different floors with different hands on stations. It reminded me of Innoventions at Epcot. Dennis had a ball looking at the miniature railroad display and I loved the robots. By the way we did settle our argument and yes Dennis was right and yes he will not let me forget it.

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  1. hmmm...pittsburgh...nothing like ol' pittsburgh to make me want to be anywhere but...pittsburgh...